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Australian Linen

Australian linen bedding sheet sets

When you're resting between bed sheets from SleepWorld you will feel that life is really just a dream. Our high-quality bed sheets are made from natural pure materials that are both breathability and moisture absorbent, allowing you to maintain the ideal temperature for your comfort. 

Our high-quality fabrics are available in a wide range of thread counts, colors, and styles, and are all made from natural materials for the organic lover and those with allergy-sensitive we also have all the other bed sheets according to your liking which will undoubtedly feel great against your skin. Australian linen and our pure cotton sheets are always available in SleepWorld in king, queen, full, and twin sizes you can buy them online.

Australian Linen

Fitted linen bed sheets

Fitted Australian linen bed sheets are one of the most significant aspects of a bedding set when it comes to comfort. When we slip into bed at the end of a hard day, they should provide the comfort we all deserve, especially when teamed with fluffy pillows and a cozy duvet! 

Fitted Australian linen sheets are available in a broad range of colors and size at OHS, ensuring that you not only receive the rest you need but that you do so in style as well. We've got your bed sheets covered for you (literally!) with our fitted Australian linen bed sheets, which are made of fibers from the flax plant. Today, shop the SleepWorld online store for a wide selection of low-cost Australian linen sheets.

Choosing the best linen

When searching for linen sheets, you'll notice that there's a lot to pick from, and it's crucial to cut through the marketing hype and jargon to get the ideal sheets for you and your specific requirements. Linen is not like most typical bed sheet materials in that you can't tell the difference depending on thread count or other criteria.

Moisture-wicking, coolness, durability, and comfort are all advantages of this bedding. Our top recommendations for linen bed sheets are included below, along with information about how to assess linen sheet quality, how they're created, how and where to maintain them, and something you need to know to pick the best linen sheets for you and to get the best Australian linen, you got to SleepWorld and buy high-quality linen bed sheets for your room to give it a classy look with amazing dreamy sleeping.

How linen is made

To appreciate the particular look, feel, and durability associated with linen bed sheets, it's important to understand how the product is made. 

Flax is the source of linen. cellulose fibers are found inside the flax plant, and the best linen is made from hand-harvested flax, which keeps the longest fibers for a stronger cloth. To remove the seeds, flax is picked, dried, and threshed.

After that, the harvested stalks are moistened and put through a retting process before even being dried and cured. The next step is scutching which eliminates woody parts from the flax fiber. Then there's the heckling, which divides and polishes the fibers before they're ready to be spun into a fine, thin yarn.

The yarn is then ready to be woven into horizontally and vertically weave sheets on a loom. A high thread count does not imply that the linen sheets are of high quality. Material mass along with harvesting, processing, and the making of the yarn and material is a better gauge.

Cleaning your bed sheets

When it comes to cleaning and washing your bed sheets you should clean them once a week, you should probably replace your bedsheets because you spend hours each night in bed, and your sheets gather skin flakes as well as a variety of physiological fluids and oils. Then there's dirt, house dust, and pet hair (if you do have a cat or dog). 

Regularly washing your Australian linen sheets removes the unpleasantness and if you are busy and you don’t like cleaning your bedsheets very often then it’s better to have two or more bed sheets so you can at least change them weekly. 

The manner you utilize is just as crucial as how often you wash. If you, do it correctly, you can extend the life of your linens while also ensuring that they are well cleaned.


Does linen come in limited queen or king sizes?

No, Australian linen almost comes in every bed size because of the popularity of this product.

what are the most demanding linen bed sheets colors?

The most demanding color for your bed sheets in linen are milky white, aqua blue, and grey.

Should we use bleach for linen bed sheets when cleaning?

No, bleach cannot be used when you are washing your bed sheets. 

Can linen be washed in the washing machine?

Yes, you can wash your linen bed sheets in the washing machine.

Shop for your Australian linen bed sheets from Sleep World and choose from the variety of colors and different unique amazing patterns to give your amazing makeover all the bed sheets in SleepWorld has a high quality that will last for a very long time.