Embrace Minimalism

Embrace Minimalism - SWA

Whether you're a bonafide homebody or just like to unwind in your humble abode at the end of the day, your bedroom should be peaceful, personal and aesthetically pleasing.

There's no right or wrong way to design your sleeping quarters, but a little inspiration never hurts. Read on for thoughtful ideas and tasteful tips on how to decorate a bedroom.

If you're drawn to simple bedroom designs and cringe at the sight of clutter, a minimalist design scheme might be right up your alley. Think clean lines, toned-down hues, less-is-more furnishings and unadorned accents. This doesn't mean your room will be devoid of personality, only that it'll feature fewer pieces and colors for a more curated, calming look.

Lots of folks worry that a neutral, white or monochrome bedroom will be too plain. While this is a common misconception, you can always add color with plants. Whether it's an oversized shrub, an indoor-friendly tree or a few small succulents placed throughout your space, a pop of green will go a long way in a modern bedroom. When figuring out how to decorate a bedroom, the key to achieving an air of tranquility is to furnish with only the necessities. Aside from a bed, this may include a dresser and nightstands, and depending on how much space you have, potentially a chest, side table, ottoman or vanity.

If you prefer more of an upscale look, percale has your name on it. Woven from long-staple cotton and reminiscent of high quality bedding, the high-end fabric is cool, crisp and ultra-smooth.

Traditional shams feature fabric trim around the border (also known as a flange edge), while others have cording embellishments on all sides. Those who like minimalist home design should consider shams with knife edges, meaning they don't have the cloth border. Want to add texture to your made bed? Throw blankets are an easy solution. Whether you're partial to cloud cotton, matelassé, linen, or cashmere, you can't go wrong when layering bedding. Sure, you might take them off before crawling into bed every night, but a few decorative pillows are key to adding dimension and fullness to your bed. When figuring out how to decorate a bedroom, don't forget to add mood lighting. Aside from bedside lamps, this could be a classy set of string lights, a strip light that glows behind your headboard or a statement floor lamp with a dimmer.

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