Extensive Plan Guide for Buying Doona Covers Online

Extensive Plan Guide for Buying Doona Covers Online

Finding the ideal doona covers online may be challenging, whether you've just bought your first house or want to give your bedroom a new lease on life. Our purchase guide is intended to assist you in understanding the alternatives available to you when looking for new doona covers and which possibilities apply and appeal to you. 

Sleepworld Australia key point to buy for doona covers will assist you in deciding on colours to use, various sizing factors to consider, the different patterns that are accessible to you, and much more. It's important to comprehend each of these elements if you want to design your ideal bedroom and find the perfect doona cover.

Let's locate the ideal doona covers online at our store for you because it's simple to design your perfect bedroom when you have all the information you require in one location.

Choose The Color Which Inspires You:

Choosing colours and patterns that reflect your personality and the look and feel you're going for when designing your ideal bedroom is necessary. What hues would you like to see in your doona covers that serve as your room's centrepiece? So, choose according to your nature. Most of the patrons like multi-colour printing themes. On the other hand, some of us like solid but bright shades, and most people go with light shadings.

A simple way to select the shade according to the wall paint and furniture that matters. Choose those tints which give you a relaxed feel whenever you enter your bedroom with a mind to take a sound sleep. 

  • Black with Grey: This combination goes with daring people who know how to create elegance. 
  • Creams: Calming, welcoming, and soft tones called creams          
  • Green: A vibrant colour scheme to promote wellness.
  • Blue: have cool tones that give off a clean appearance.
  • Pink: vibrant red hues that will arouse passion.
  • White: are stark colours that give off a classic appearance.

What Doona Cover Size Is Ideal?

Your duvet cover should always be a little larger than the doona set for the ideal fit. If the cover is more extensive, the donna set won't bunch up. Doona covers are used to both protect your doona set and aesthetically enhance the look of your bedroom. We'll examine various doona cover dimensions.

  • Single Size

Quilt Cover: 140 cm x 210 cm

Pillowcase: 48 cm x 74 cm

  • Double Size

Quilt Cover: 180 cm x 210 cm

Pillowcase: 48 cm x 74 cm

  • Queen Size

Quilt Cover: 210 cm x 210 cm 

Pillowcase: 48 cm x 74 cm

  • King Size

Quilt Cover: 245 cm x 210 cm 

Pillowcase: 48 cm x 74 cm

Identify Your Doona Cover Size Now:

The size that you require should be one of the top factors taken into account when selecting your next doona cover. However, if you already have a specific size bed, you can usually match that with one of our bed sizes here. Specific product sizes are listed in the product descriptions of all of our listings.

You are choosing whether or not to upsize another factor to take into account when selecting the size of your doona cover. Your doona cover will have a stylish and opulent appearance when the doona cover drapes over the sides of your bed by simply selecting a size larger than the size of your bed. If you prefer not to do that, simply purchase a doona cover that is the same size as your bed.

Which Designs Do You Prefer?

The pattern of your doona cover is most important, just as colours have an impact on the room's focal point. What options do you have if you want to choose a look that inspires you and matches your goals?

  • Floral Art: Brings the beauty of the outdoors inside with florals and leaves.
  • Geometric Patterns: these are appealing and give off a modern feel.
  • Damask: Bold repeating motifs that create stylishness.
  • Striped: Simple patterns that create a crisp look include stripes.
  • Textured: Interesting designs that give off a cozy vibe.
  • Animal Category: Lively prints that show off the wild side of an animal pattern.
  • Solid Hues: Easy tones that give off a good basic appearance.

Selecting the Ideal Material for You:

Although you might not think that the material of your doona covers makes much of a difference, it is crucial to realize that various materials have a significant impact on how well you sleep. Let's look at the materials that are best for you!

Adaptable & Soft Materials:

You may want to look at soft & breathable doona covers if you frequently feel hot at night and have trouble sleeping. A doona cover that is breathable means that the materials used to make it permit heat and air to escape, allowing your body to cool.

  • Cotton: The typical and most widely used doona cover.
  • Organic cotton: It is better for the environment because it is made with fewer chemicals.
  • Linen: The most common and widely used breathable doona cover.

Easy-To-Use And Long-Lasting Materials:

You might be interested in a doona cover that is hassle-free if you are someone who sleeps comfortably at night regardless of the weather. Easy-to-use doona covers are excellent for keeping you at the perfect temperature. You might find yourself keeping these doona covers for a very long time because they are also quite sturdy. Please keep in mind that some people may find polyester to be warm when evaluating these various options.

  • Cotton/ Polyester: The standard and most widely used durable doona cover is cotton/polyester.
  • Polyester: doona cover is made of synthetic polyester but is similar to cotton.
  • Microfiber: The most convenient and durable material for doona covers is microfiber.

Comforting Materials:

After a viciously chilly winter night, there may be nothing better than retiring to a warm bed. If you tend to get quite cold at night, these warm and cozy doona covers are great for you.


After reading these guidelines, now it is easy to pick your best doona cover online from Sleep World Intl.