How to Style Your Bed: Bedding Ideas?

How to Style Your Bed: Bedding Ideas? - SWA


The bedding design in the master bedroom is generally the first thing that the eye notices when entering the room. It can not only establish the tone for the room, but it can also help define the level of comfort in your bed, depending on the textiles you choose. Here are a few tried-and-true bedding ideas to make your bedding a spectacular focal point of your master bedroom:

The majority of the time, white bedding is the most appealing alternative. A basic, fluffy white comforter and matching shams are always a good choice. Regardless of your room's color palette, this is the ideal complement. It is also one of the most relaxing designs available. Use a plain white linen or fresh cotton duvet for smooth, tidy edges. A little more textured choice, such as a pattern woven blanket or coverlet, is also an option. A thick cotton yarn throw at the foot of the bed is a good way to add just a hint of color. To go with the season, change up the footer throw. The simplest approach to make your bedding design versatile is to start with white linens.

Choose a pattern as the focal point of your bedding design to make it more vibrant. The options are endless: In a slightly bright color, a honeycomb medallion motif looks wonderful. Choose Native fabrics for earthy brown and grey tones blended with oranges and yellows. Look for Quality fabrics with scrolled designs in a bright color scheme. An exciting ambiance can be created by using Impressionist designs in a bright palette. Quilts with botanical silhouette motifs appear light and airy. Use your imagination to mix and match color palettes.

The layers and materials are the focus of this bedding design concept. A thicker, down insert-filled duvet turned back slightly to reveal the layers can be used to cover a thinner, sewn quilt. To create a rich, lush effect, expertly layer pillows. This is a great approach to mix busy patterns with basic color materials, as well as with each other. Choose a single color for your bedding. Use a rich saturated hue for a manlier look or a lighter tone for an airier vibe to keep it simple and pleasant. Combine the duvet and pillow shams with one-tone cotton sheet sets to create a unique look. Seasonally, you can easily change the colors. This is the ideal time to experiment with different combinations. You may also incorporate some ornamental throw cushions to offer a splash of color. Mix and match shapes and sizes, and be inventive with your color choices.

Last but not least, when selecting a master bedroom theme, attempt to match your bedding to your furniture to create a cohesive design. Dark woods and brightly colorful patterns go well together. Modern designs using metals and lighter woods look fantastic with single colors or slightly muted patterns on flatter textiles. Your bedding design will be distinctive and appealing if you follow these basic guidelines.