How to Use Fluffy Bedding to Make a Cozy Bed?

How to Use Fluffy Bedding to Make a Cozy Bed? - SWA

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Why do magazines images have snuggly cozy beds with full and fluffy bedding inviting you in, while at home the bed sometimes looks… flat? Furniture stores know exactly how to make a cozy bed to make people want to buy their bedroom sets- so why can’t we? 

Let us drop this by saying the biggest factors that will get you on your way to a snuggly cozy bed are It’s all about the layers! Using multiple layers of bedding – each with a different texture.

It’s also about the quality of the inserts and layering more than one inside. Go big or go home!

One of the best things about the seasons changing into the cold months is pulling out our winter bedding! Don’t you agree? After months of endless heat, we are looking forward to a little chill. Fold the duvet into two halves or thirds, fluff it all up nice and big, and place at the bottom of the bed but on top of your blanket. I like to let the blanket peek out on both sides of the duvet so you can see the layers.

We have our affordable duvet covers and quilt covers which you can own 
– (from Sleepworld!). It is mostly cotton but a little spandex too – but it looks a little like linen too.

Our darker quilt covers just feels lux! Of course linen wrinkle, but that is part of their charm. Linen is great at that beautiful without trying hard look.) First put your flat sheet on upside down, and then fold it over itself a few inches at the top of the bed so that pattern peeks out! Pull the blanket all the way up just to the top of the sheet so you can see it peek out.

Allow your bedroom to experience all of these comfy changes with our exquisite collection.