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Boost your masculinity with our cargo joggers!

Streetwear style has long been at the forefront of men's fashion trends, and it is one of the most prominent style developments within the men's fashion world. The most popular menswear trends are constantly tweaked and embraced by mainstream fashion, and the cargo pants trend is a prime example of this.

Cargo Joggers for men readily fit into the harsh, utility sub-type of streetwear. Originally part of workwear and military style, Cargo joggers for men naturally fit into the tough, utility sub-style of streetwear. Men's combat trousers, known for their enormous pockets, baggy fit, and unusual design, last gained popularity in the 1990s, when they were embraced by streetwear icons such as skaters and rappers. The cargo pants fad has died down since then, but they've lately been redesigned, and the trend has resurfaced.

An overview

We'll show you how to dress in cargo pants in this article, starting with a rundown of the most popular styles. We'll show you what to wear with cargo pants and provide you with some style ideas so you can create your own outfit once you've chosen the fit of men's battle trousers that best suits your particular style.

How to wear cargo pants?

There are other sizes and styles available within this trend, but if you're new to this streetwear staple, let us introduce you to the three most common varieties of men's cargo trousers: classic utility pants, comfortable cargo joggers, and slender combat trousers.

Classic streetwear cargo pants

Classic cargo joggers for men are a direct descendant of the original utility-style combat trousers, with a loose, baggy fit that mimics the qualities of men's workwear utility trousers. This is the most popular cargo pant style among streetwear fans, and it has been redesigned numerous times to showcase fresh colorways and designs.

If you're wanting to add a pair of streetwear cargo pants to your collection, we recommend going for a pair that best matches your personal style. If you like a high-tech, street-style look, black, asymmetrical cargo pants like the ones available at SleepWorld will do the trick. Finding a pair that leans into the heavy utility style is also not difficult if you favor vintage, skate-inspired streetwear. 

Alternatively, if you prefer classic, skate-inspired streetwear, finding a pair that leans into the heavy utility-style, that’s also not a problem to find in our collection just exploring the website would be better.

Men’s cargo joggers

Cargo pants are a loungewear version of a traditional style that is ideal for men who value comfort and practicality in their casual wardrobe. This style has a sleeker silhouette than the bulky conventional utility-style cargos, thanks to the fleece or cotton materials commonly used for cargo joggers. There are some variations within this style, so if you want a more casual, slim fit, opt for the X-Fit Slim Cargo Joggers, while guys who love classic cargos should go for the Mixed Woven Cargo Joggers for men.

Skinny cargo pants for men

Men's narrow-fit cargo pants are a more modern take on the iconic baggy cargo trousers of the 1990s, striking an easy balance between casual and formal without sacrificing the slightly gritty character of their predecessors. Slim tapered cargo trousers, which are most popular in earthy tones like green and tan, can be dressed for a variety of events. The Slim Fit Cargos are ideal for casual days, but the more fitted Cargos are ideal for a night out.

There are two primary possibilities for styling your outfit: the first is to match the hefty 'work wear' look of the trousers with a matching utility overshirt. This double workwear design, like double denim, is incredibly on-trend, but it can be tricky to pull off. If you want to go for this look, use opposing colorways instead of conflicting styles, such as black combat cargo Joggers for men with a green overshirt.

Build your own cargo trousers outfit at SleepWorld

Whether you want a tough, street-style look with some traditional men's cargo pants or a more polished look with some slender cargo pants for men, SleepWorld has everything you need to put together your own cargo pants outfit. Begin by looking through our entire selection of men's cargo pants.