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Apparel collection for men

There is only one store. There are no limits to the amount of shopping you can do. Sleepworld is your one-stop-shop for all things fashion and lifestyle. Find a carefully curated list of brands that share your values. Quality at a reasonable cost. Inclusiveness. We provide our consumers with sustainability and openness.

The joys of clothing

What makes SleepWorld clothing “Lifewear”?
We strive to provide a good answer by unpacking the theory underlying our production, aesthetics, product functioning, and design. As a result, the development of our products reflects the satisfaction of men's daily life needs, whether it's a stressful day at work, a hangout with friends, or a fitness-oriented day at a sports club. In both official and informal transitions, SleepWorld online provides not only the quality for men's apparel collection but also the look you choose.

A t-shirt collection for every version of you

T-shirts are the best way to show off your style because they are so common and ubiquitous. Play around with different fits, colors, and fabrics to find one that suits your mood. Available in a variety of colors that are ideal for spring and summer styling. You'll want one in every color because it's so versatile and can be worn alone or layered.

Wear it your way.

Following all of the latest fashion trends isn't the key to looking fantastic. It's about sticking to your own distinctive style. But what if you have no idea what your personal style is? By looking for inspiration, developing a mood board, and experimenting with fashion, you may develop your own distinct style. With SleepWorld sweats, you may enjoy the ease of comfortable simplicity.


Made with a new, soft-to-the-touch fabric that feels great.

To get a smoother texture, we increased the thread count of the fabric. Sweatshirts are no longer simply for lazing; they've become a stylish must-have.

We proudly offer a satisfaction guarantee for all of our items and services since customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our strict quality control program, efficient operations, best-in-class order fulfillment, and courteous customer service provide the highest possible client satisfaction. When you shop with us, we endeavor to meet or exceed your expectations. We trust that you'll appreciate the value and appeal that our brands offer and that we'll continue to serve you for many years to come.