We at Sleepworld Australia believe in only providing the best. We also believe in challenging ourselves to strive for excellence, where we are continuously innovating to improve our systems, services, processes and quality of our products. It is due to this consistent dedication towards innovation that we have gained our success, name and credibility in the home textiles industry.

Global Vision

New technologies and open trade laws have allowed the global market to be better connected, cohesive and significantly smaller for premier international businesses. At Sleepworld Australia, we take these open markets as opportunities towards acquiring.

”We strongly believe in people. Extensive experience throughout the management structure with a strong family bond gives us an edge over our competitors.”


Why Work With Us ?

Sadaqat Ltd, (manufacturer for Sleepworld Australia) was founded in 1951. It is today, a diversified company with sales of over 200 Million US dollars. Our management team consists of the best to offer the organization, and our competent and dedicated workforce ensures that all our customer needs are met to their complete satisfaction.

Home Textile & Made Ups.

The home textiles industry is an ever-changing one; the processes, standards, products and competition are constantly shifting; and to succeed, we adapt ourselves to always remain ahead of the curve. Amongst all this change, what remains constant is our commitment to provide exceptional quality.

Khurram Mukhtar

The professional career of Mr. Khurram Mukhtar spans over more than 25 years in the home textile industry on executive management positions.…