Why Should You Use Quilt Cover Sets Or Duvet Covers?

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Do you have any plans to remodel your room? Or to cover your duvet from clumsy children or boisterous pets? Or you may have realized your blanket has a cover on top and are curious about what it accomplishes. Well, the consensus is that a duvet cover is a culprit. See our detailed explanation of the value of a duvet cover or quilt cover sets. Additionally, we've provided a list of important considerations when purchasing duvet covers or quilt covers from Sleep World Australia. You'll also learn how to cover your comforter or duvet from us.


A few years ago, when you went to bed for the night, you would have always made your bed with two sheets, possibly a fitted bottom sheet and a flat top sheet. Over this top sheet, there would have been one or two blankets and, possibly, a coverlet or quilted cover for the entire bed. All of this changed in the late 1960s and early 1970s when the duvet, which had long been the preferred bedding in Scandinavia for the UK, was introduced. This sparked a whole bedding revolution that immediately altered how we perceive bedding forever.

It is 2023, everyone. We will remember this period for a very long time and spend a lot of time in our room, whether it's only when we're watching movies in bed, listening to music, or even just looking through new book covers to update the design of our room. Before purchasing a new cover for your warm blanket, you should know a few things. The covering that goes over your quilt or duvet, called a duvet covers or quilt cover sets serves primarily aesthetic and comfort purposes.


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A duvet cover is typically included in bedding sets and pillowcases, so you do not need to buy additional bed sheet sets. You will get everything in this set to reinvent your bedding style. 

You may wonder whether there is another way to use your duvet because you live in a chilly nation where summer only lasts for a few months. Yes! It exists! Remove your duvet from the cover and use it as a thin sheet for yourself. By doing this, you can avoid spending more time, money, and space on storing an extra sheet for the summer.


A duvet cover's material selection is also important. However, the material of duvet cover or quilt cover sets is only important for some if you have adequate blankets and a comforter (unless they live somewhere really, really cold). Still, it is important to remember when choosing a duvet cover or quilt cover sets

Choosing the fabric that will best suit your needs after determining the size of the duvet cover or quilt cover sets you require is essential since it will likely have a great blow on the cost of the item. The quality of the fundamental threads will, as with other materials and textiles, impact the final product's strength, durability, and cost.

POLYESTER: Cotton is frequently blended with polyester, a manufactured fabric, to save money. It is a breathable, lightweight fabric that is simple to maintain. Typically, it will be quite easy to wash and dry and will resist wrinkles.


Percale is a trademarked material type with a high thread count and a finely woven plain weave, producing a superior material that is extremely strong and long-lasting.


Its ease of production from trees cultivated sustainably on tree farms and thus having a very low environmental impact is the key factor behind its rapid growth. Additionally, no toxic chemicals are used throughout the manufacturing process, and the solvents are reused, resulting in less waste and water usage. Tencel is a branded name and a relatively new product, but it is still pretty pricey. Still, the fact that it is 100% organic and biodegradable makes it immediately appealing in today's market for duvet or quilt cover sets.


However, cotton is still the most popular bedding material today. It comes in various styles, from 100% cotton. This heavyweight fabric may be easily wrinkled and difficult to iron with polyester/cotton blends, which combine natural and artificial components.

Thickness, softness, and durability will depend on the blend and the materials contained within the blend. A cotton blend will provide quilt cover sets or duvet covers that are durable and simpler to wash and iron.

Combed cotton produces a robust, soft material that is less prone to fraying than regular cotton, and combed cotton jersey is a knitted fabric that is incredibly soft and typically more expensive due to the manner it is made.


Egyptian cotton has long been regarded as the greatest material available for bedding, especially for duvet covers or quilt cover sets, due to the unmatched fineness of the threads used. The longer, stronger, and smoother threads than other threads on the market are the reason for this. Egyptian cotton is now commercially grown outside of Egypt due to its rising popularity, despite strict regulations being in place during production to ensure that the fabric's high standards are upheld. 

However, it is important to note that occasionally even a high thread count can be deceiving if the threads are thin and of poor quality. A truly nice bedding fabric can be difficult to locate, but once you do, you won't want to look elsewhere because it is so comfortable.


Sometimes referred to as a down comforter, a duvet is a kind of blanket stuffed with feathers or goose down. The comforter, often known as the duvet, fits within the duvet cover. In terms of a pillow, the duvet cover is comparable to a pillowcase. It is a cover that can be quickly washed to maintain the duvet tidy. Additionally, it serves as decoration.

Duvet covers or quilt cover sets can be crafted from any fabric, even pricey ones like silk, linen, or velvet, unlike comforters, which are often constructed with cotton or a cotton blend. A lot of them are of varying quality and style. The difference between the two is a result of this.

Due to their size and cost, duvets and comforters can be difficult to maintain regularly. Duvet covers relieve you of the trouble of ongoing maintenance. A duvet cover or quilt cover set is simply an extra covering attached to your duvet, making it simple to remove and clean. Comparatively speaking, duvet covers are simpler to keep and clean than a full duvet. An easy and affordable approach to improving the appearance of your room is to get a new duvet cover or quilt cover sets. You can use a duvet cover to keep your bedding clean, whether you have a comforter or duvet.


So, now you can have an idea why you should use quilt cover sets or a duvet cover to maintain your quilt or duvet. SleepWorld Australia has the best options for you in an online shopping place.