Satin Stripe Reversible Duvet Cover Sets

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Striped 1000TC Luxury Quilt Cover Set - Navy
Double, Queen, King

Striped 1000TC Luxury Quilt Cover Set - Navy

57.48 AUD ‚Äď 65.53 AUD
Introducing our 1000 Thread Count Satin Stripe Reversible Duvet Cover Set, the perfect addition to any bedroom! Experience the ultimate night's sleep with our luxurious quilt cover set, designed to...
Striped 1000TC Luxury Quilt Cover Set - Ivory
Double, Queen, King

Striped 1000TC Luxury Quilt Cover Set - Ivory

57.48 AUD ‚Äď 65.53 AUD
Introducing our 1000 Thread Count Satin Stripe Reversible Duvet Cover Set, the perfect addition to any bedroom! Experience the ultimate night's sleep with our luxurious quilt cover set, designed to...
Striped 1000TC Luxury Quilt Cover Set  - Platinum Grey
Double, Queen, King

Striped 1000TC Luxury Quilt Cover Set - Platinum Grey

57.48 AUD ‚Äď 65.53 AUD
Introducing our 1000 Thread Count Satin Stripe Reversible Duvet Cover Set, the perfect addition to any bedroom! Experience the ultimate night's sleep with our luxurious quilt cover set, designed to...

The Basic Key Points to Remember about Duvet Cover


A good duvet cover provides comfort, protection, and warmth, essential for good sleeping conditions. It isn't easy to imagine a modern bedroom without the dynamic duo of duvet and duvet cover. However, duvet cover sets and the duvets they encase have recently become fashionable. While living in Australia, where the season changes quickly, you need the right duvet cover to use your bedding correctly. 

We're sure you're aware that the quality of your sleeping experience is highly dependent on the duvet cover you use - though deciding on the best fabric, size, and style can be difficult. Fortunately, here at Sleep World Australia, we've extensively researched the various duvet covers to help you make an informed decision. That is why we have brought a wide range of variety in this segment so that you may invest your money in a good way. Here we have tried to explain in detail what a duvet cover or duvet cover set is and how you can find the perfect piece of bedding for your home. No matter whether it's about the matter of selection for a master bedroom or guest room. 

What is A Duvet Cover or Duvet Covet Sets?

We must first comprehend the duvet in order to grasp the duvet cover. A duvet is essentially a big pouch filled with either synthetic or natural fabrics. The word "duvet," which refers to the soft covering of bird feathers that was traditionally used as a duvet filling, is derived from the French word for down. Numerous duvets still contain down in addition to feathers, bamboo, hollow and microfibers, and sustainable bamboo. The warmth, weight, and sizes of contemporary duvets are varied. Duvet togs, which indicate the thermal resistance of the material used, are a unit of measurement for the warmth of a duvet. In other words, a duvet will be warmer if it contains more togs.

Although, if in doubt, it's usually safe to get a 7.0 tog duvet, suited for all seasons. In Australia, duvets are usually marketed from a light and cold 1.5 togs up to a much warmer and cozier 15 togs. Duvets come in a variety of sizes, ranging from single to super king, and are designed to be covered with a detachable cover known as a duvet cover.

A fabric sheet that encloses a duvet is called a duvet cover or duvet cover sets. They come in a variety of materials and colours and are offered in every relevant duvet size. Although a duvet protects you from the cold, the duvet and duvet cover work together to provide comfort in bed in order to keep you cool and avoid night sweats; the greatest duvet covers are crucially manufactured from a fabric that is both comfortable and capable of controlling your body temperature.

The Major Benefits of A Duvet Cover:

  • Because they are so simple to maintain, duvets and¬†duvet covers¬†are so popular. In fact, they're so simple to use that a duvet may be quickly made into a bed.
  • For bedmakers in the 1960s, who had previously had to spend their time organizing numerous sheets, blankets, and quilts, this was a big relief.
  • Duvets with removable¬†duvet cover sets¬†are also considerably simpler to keep clean.¬†
  • Users can get fresh, clean, and hygienic bedding after washing and drying a single cloth sheet in a few hours.
  • Every person may find their perfect bedding thanks to the wide variety of duvet and¬†duvet cover¬†alternatives available in terms of size, weight, and style.¬†
  • The colour variety is available in¬†the duvet cover¬†collection, which can be mixed and matched to fit any room's design or swiftly switched out for a fresh look.
  • The ease with which you can re-insert your comforter into your¬†duvet cover¬†depends on how your¬†duvet cover¬†opens.¬†
  • You won't need to wash your¬†duvet cover¬†as frequently if you sleep in the top sheet position as opposed to the euro position or without one.¬†
  • Whatever method you choose for making your bed, you'll still need to launder your¬†duvet cover¬†(often), so picking one that makes it simple to tuck a comforter inside is a benefit.¬†
  • The most demanding shades to use are zippers and snaps, whereas buttons might be more challenging.

How to Select the Ideal Duvet Cover for You?

There are many different duvet cover designs available. We at Sleep World advise keeping the following things in mind when you browse to aid in your decision-making at our online store.


Duvet cover sets are made of a variety of fabrics, like most bedding. The most frequently used materials are cotton, polyester, or a combination of the two. A cover made of natural fibres will breathe better than one made of synthetic materials. Your new duvet cover should go well with your airy bedding and keep you cool all night. The most popular fabrics for duvet covers known:

  • Cotton
  • Egyptian Cotton
  • Linen¬†
  • Silk
  • Polyester
  • Tencel
  • Satin

Thread Count:

  • The number of threads per square inch is referred to as the thread count of a¬†duvet cover¬†material.¬†
  • The cloth, for instance, has a thread count of 200 if there are 100 threads running lengthwise and 100 threads running across the width.¬†
  • This number typically serves as a proxy for the material's durability and softness.¬†
  • However, if the fabric is constructed with short, poor-quality thread, a larger thread count won't matter.
  • We advise buying a¬†duvet cover¬†made of cotton, preferably 100 per cent long-staple cotton, with a thread count of 300 to 400.¬†
  • The quality and comfort of the material will also be enhanced by a long-lasting weave, such as sateen or percale.


The majority of duvet covers, especially those made of 100% cotton, can be washed at home in a washing machine. Reading the care instructions label carefully is always a good idea, though. It could be necessary to dry clean covers made of silk or other sensitive materials.

Size Confirmation:

This can be done by laying your comforter or duvet on the bed and measuring its width and length. A duvet cover that fits your bedding exactly should be purchased, if at all possible. If you are unable to find the exact size, use one that is 2 inches shorter in both length and width. The comforter won't move around inside the cover as a result of the snug fit that will result. In Sleep World, the dimensions are already displayed for your ease. 

 New Addition of Reversible Satin Stripe 1000 Thread Count Duvet Sets at Sleep World Australia:

 The reversible duvet cover sets with a high thread count like 1000 may be the solution you're looking for if you want to update the look of your bedroom. Not only do these sets feel soft and opulent, but their reversible design makes it simple to change your bedroom without buying a new set. For those seeking the utmost in comfort and style, the 1000 thread count new line of reversible duvet cover sets is a fantastic choice at Sleep World Australia.

Satin Quilt Cover Sets:

 When it comes to the fabric's composition, satin is frequently created using a particular weaving method called satin weave, which gives it its distinctively shiny appearance. On one side of the fabric produced by this weave, there is a smooth surface; on the other, there is a duller, less lustrous surface.

 Our satin stripe quilt cover sets are bedding ensembles that feature a satin-made quilt cover and coordinating pillowcases. The cloth satin is opulent, plush, lustrous, and has a smooth, silky touch. Typically, a blend of synthetic fibres like polyester or nylon or natural fibres like silk is used to make it.

 These satin quilt cover sets are available in a range of patterns and hues to complement various tastes and interior design aesthetics. Solid colours, floral prints, geometric patterns, and abstract motifs are a few common design elements. Moreover, certain sets might have lace, embroidery, or other ornamental elements. Currently, Sleep World Australia is offering you basic plain satin stripe reversible quilt cover sets to allure your sophisticated choice. If you are a true lover of basic patterns and plain designs then these new additions are enough to upgrade your bedding style only once, and after that, you may use them for so long. 

 Why Only Reversible Duvet Cover Sets?

 An alternative for bedding that has a duvet cover with a different pattern or colour on each side is known as a reversible duvet cover set. This implies that you can quickly change the appearance of your bedding by just turning it over. Usually, these sets include two pillowcases that coordinate with the pattern of the duvet cover. The duvet cover can be easily removed and washed as needed, and it is made to fit over your comforter or duvet insert. It's a key factor to use reversible duvet cover sets that you can easily use from both sides and can wash after a long time.

 1000 Thread Count Matters:

 As mentioned earlier that the term "thread count" describes how many threads are woven into a square inch of fabric. The feeling of the fabric will be softer and more opulent the greater the thread count. The smooth and cozy feel of a 1000-thread count duvet cover set makes it a popular high-thread count alternative. That is why Sleep World Australia has introduced its new quite essential satin stripe 1000 thread count duvet cover sets. 

Our Reversible Duvet Cover Set with a 1000 Thread Count has Major Goals:

  • Comfort:¬†It is a wonderfully pleasant and relaxed option to sleep in a¬†duvet cover set¬†with a high thread count of 1000. The fabric will feel more velvety against your skin as the thread count increases.
  • Durability:¬†The 1000-thread count duvet cover sets are comprised of premium materials that are built to last for years. This implies that your bedding will remain beautiful and comfortable for many years.
  • Style:¬†You can simply refresh the appearance of your bedroom without buying a new set thanks to the reversible style of these¬†duvet cover sets. To discover the ideal complement for your decor, choose from a variety of designs and colours.
  • Simple to Clean:¬†As the duvet covers are made to shield your comforter or duvet insert, it doesn't require as frequent washing. Your¬†duvet covers¬†are simple to remove and wash in your washing machine when the time comes.

Sizes & Measurements we are Offering:

We are offering below mentioned duvet cover set dimensions in the new collection:

  • Double:¬†The Double Set Includes 1 Quilt Cover 180 cm X 210 cm & 2 Pillowcases 48 cm X 74 cm + 15cm.
  • Queen: The Queen Set Includes 1 Quilt Cover 210 cm X 210 cm & 2 Pillowcases 48 cm X 74 cm + 15cm.
  • King: The King Set Includes 1 Quilt Cover 245 cm X 210 cm & 2 Pillowcases 48 cm X 74 cm + 15cm.

Need to Remember:

Satin quilt cover sets should be cared for by being washed in cool water on a gentle cycle and tumble dried on low heat. Because bleach and abrasive detergents can harm the delicate satin fabric, it's crucial to avoid using them. Satin quilt cover sets can last for many years with proper care and offer an opulent and comfortable sleeping experience.


We probably spend a third of our lives sleeping. Thus it is imperative that we have a welcoming and comfortable resting area where we can unwind at night. Unbelievably, the quality of your duvet cover or duvet cover sets must have a substantial impact on your capacity to unwind and get a good night's sleep. Choose materials that feel calming to the touch and have a light, airy sense, as a result. The correct bedding will help you unwind right away and keep you comfortable but cool all night.