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Sometimes it's difficult to purchase bedding. It can be difficult to tell if the item you are buying is what you want because there are so many different sizes, names, and options. It's just so inconvenient to discover that your new bedding isn't what you thought it was after all when you get home and spread it out. You'll be able to shop the best product as doona covers in australia for your needs and the perfect item with great ease by visiting our online store known as SleepWorld Australia if you are familiar with the terminology used in the bedding industry.

Although there will always be people who will advise you on what to buy, we believe it is best to provide you with all the information so you can decide for yourself and ensure that you get the best bedding for you. Let's look at some of the differences between quilts and doonas before contacting our helpful support team for assistance.

How Do Quilts, Doonas, and Duvets Differ from One Another?

If you are living in any region of Australia and do have not much time to go shopping or are an online shopping lover, then you can trust us. At Sleep World Australia, our major purpose is to win your trust and to build a healthy relationship in a long term. It is possible only when we deliver the best product to your doorstep. So, the 1st step is to know about the major difference between a doona cover, a quilt cover and a duvet.

A Doona Is What?

The term "doona" is frequently used in Australia to refer to the quilted insert that forms the top layer of your bedding and is encased in a doona cover. It is a trademarked product of Sleep World Australia, which is also the maker of many of the quilts that Australians love and is typically filled with feathers or other synthetic materials.

Describe A Duvet:

A quilted insert akin to a doona or quilt is known as a duvet by another name. The word "duvet," which is also known as a comforter, is most frequently used in Europe and the United States.

In Australia, they all have the same meaning, but when you travel abroad, be careful because you might get something entirely different from what you asked for if you ask for a quilt. So, keep in mind that all of these terms have the same meaning in Australia when you go to purchase an insert for your cover. However, there are some other features to keep an eye out for when searching for the ideal quilt or doona for you.

Describe A Quilt:

The name "quilt" may be the most widely used for this insert, but in other cultures, the term "quilt" is used to describe bedspreads or coverlets and the insert is called a comforter.

What the Different Doona Covers Types are Here in Australia?


There are many different types of quilts and doona covers available, but when choosing the ideal one for your bed, there are three key factors to keep in mind.

  • Filling
  • Weight
  • Size

Let's dive in and investigate each of those factors.

The Various Filling Options are Available for Doona Covers:


We have different filling options for quilts and doona covers, there are many different fills that can be used, and each one will affect you and your bed differently as you fall asleep.


Polyester is typically a good all-year-round fill to have in your quilt and doona covers and is one of the more affordable options. Polyester is used to fill the renowned option of various brands which is simply living doona covers the best collection.


Cotton is arguably the coolest fill available because it is very light and allows air to pass through without getting trapped, keeping you cooler than other materials. For summer or for those with a higher body temperature who do not require additional assistance in staying warm, a cotton is a great option.


The cheapest and occasionally warmest option is microfiber, which is frequently one of them. These doona covers are filled with only pure microfiber, which makes them slightly less breathable than cotton. This causes a small amount of heat to be trapped, which keeps you warm.

Feather & Down:

  • Australians tend to favour feather and down bedding, so chances are good that you've owned a feather and down doona filling at some point in your life. 
  • The grading of feather and down quilts can range from summer to winter. 
  • The proportion of feathers is one aspect to take note of. 
  • The temperature will be cooler the higher the proportion of feathers, and warmer the higher the proportion of down.

Don’t Forget to Wool Option:

The coziest and warmest quilts available are typically made of wool. These quilts are heavy and cozy, making them ideal for chilly winter nights when you need to bundle up in all the layers.

While the type of fill does affect how the doona covers feel overall, the weight (amount of filling inside the doona) is equally as important, if not more so. Let's examine the different quilt weights in more detail and what they mean to you.

The Right Process How to Use Doona Cover?

There are two methods you can use if you're having trouble putting a doona cover on.

The initial method:

  • Outside in on the cover.
  • Hold on to the top two corners.
  • Align the corners with the doona's top two corners and firmly grasp.
  • Shake vigorously until the bottom two corners of the cover and doona line up.
  • Zip the cover-up.

How to do a "California Roll"

  • The bed cover should be placed with the inside facing out.
  • Make sure the doona cover’s corners and sides line up with the cover's before placing it on top of it.
  • From the closed end, begin rolling the doona.
  • Flip the cover when you get to the end.
  • Open the cover's zipper and unfold it.

So, SleepWorld Australia is always ready to tell you a little detail about everything you are going to shop from our online store. In this article, we think that we have tried our best to give you extra information about doona cover in Australia and its relevant other.