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The quilt from the past to the future

Quilting traditions are especially strong in Australia, where the need for warm bedding collided with a scarcity of native materials in the colony's early days. The imported cloth was prohibitively expensive, and locally made homespun fabric was time-consuming to produce and wore out faster than commercial fabric. 

The proper use and preservation of textiles were critical for most families. For all households, saving or recovering little bits of fabric was a way of life. Small pieces of fabric were sewn together in "blocks" to create larger pieces. Block designs could convey creativity, or plain "utility quilts" with the minimal ornamental value could be made.

The material of quilts covers

Quilt covers and quilt cover sets are available in denim, cotton, Vintage Washed Linen quilt cover sets, chambray, stonewashed cotton, bamboo, jersey, flannelette, and velvet, among other fabrics they come in all these materials and in a variety of colours and sizes according to your bedding need.

What exactly are quilt coverings, and why are they necessary?

A quilt is a three-layered mattress covering, with three layers: the top, middle, and back. The top layer is a pieced fabric, which is made up of several pieces of fabric sewed together in various designs or patterns. Quilt cover sets not just add style to your bedroom, but they also keep your quilts clean. A quilt cover is an outermost covering that slides over the quilt to protect it. 

Quilt cover sets can get unclean and soiled as a result of dust particles in the house. A quilt cover may help you out in this situation. A quilt cover makes your bedding more durable and long-lasting.

Blankets and quilts

A huge piece of cotton or similar cloth that is used to provide warmth on a mattress or elsewhere is called a blanket. The major distinction between a blanket and a quilt has been that a blanket is a single-layer woven covering, but a quilt is a three-layer quilted covering. 

All three layers are sewed together in a technique known as quilting, resulting in a single piece of cloth. The quilt's central padding is held in place by lines of stitching in various styles and patterns. Quilts are heavier and more in weight than blankets and are used to keep warm throughout the winter months. 

Quilts could be utilized in the summer as well or spring if they are filled with 100 percent cotton and have 100 percent cotton on the outside fabric.

Doona cover from SleepWorld

The fabric is made of 100 percent pure organic cotton for all-over comfort and durability. Through a year's comfort and usability, light and the airy fabric feels warm when it's pleasant and awesome when it's heated. 

White snap buttons with one corner of the doona cover sets assist hold the insertion in place while you sleep without taking away from the overall look and accessorize with multi-coloured scatter cushions and a chunky knit throw to give your sleeping space a relaxed feel. Doona cover sets set usually consist of a doona cover and two solid pillow cases which are included in the set and will allow you to simply upgrade your bedding design.

What is the meaning of doona cover sets?

A quilt with pockets of air stuffed with down or synthetic material and used as a bed cover instead of a top sheet and blankets

What is doona bedding?

It is another name for the quilt so in simple words we can say that a doona, also known as a duvet or quilt, is a thick, flat sack bedding that is used as the top layer of your bed to keep you warm. It is available in a variety of forms, sizes, and fills, such as feathers, down, wool, silk, or a synthetic substitute.

What are the sizes that quilt comes in?

  • Single size
  • Double size
  • Queen size
  • King size

What are the care instructions for quilts covers?

  • Before using your quilt cover sets make sure your mattress is clean and there is no dust in it.
  • Dark and deep colours should be washed separately.
  • Only use colour-safe detergent.
  • Do not dry clean or bleach.

Do the doona cover sets come in the same boring colours?

No, doona cover sets not only comes in a variety of colours to choose from but also an amazingly beautiful design and pattern that gives your bedroom a wonderful, luxurious look with comfortable and peaceful sleep.

Can we use doona cover sets in the summers?

Yes, you can use them in warm or spring weather because this quilt also comes in lightweight for these warm weathers.

Why is a quilt called doona what is the reason behind it?

The word "continental quilt" was the conventional name used in Australia until "Doona" became popular, and it is still used in some parts of the country today. Following British tradition, a duvet is sometimes known as a quilt. Kimpton's established the brand name 'Doona' (Northern Feather).

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