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Summers and Spring - SWA

quilt cover set

With the arrival of Spring and the arrival of Summer, now is the perfect time for a seasonal bedding refresh, both in our showroom and at home. We'll show you our new spring bedding, as well as a few of our favorite styles for the warmer months, in this blog.

In addition to the obvious difference in your duvet from thick and heavy to light and breathable, you'll need to modify your bedding. Summer bedding is not only lighter and more breathable to keep you cool on hotter nights, but the brighter and lighter colors also help you shake off the winter blues by creating a light and airy ambiance in your room!

I know it's supposed to be warmer, but we all know how unpredictable Australian weather can be, so bring some extra clothing. The new quilt covers in blue or White with matching pillowcases add a thick layer on top of your duvet. Alternatively, they can be used on their own when the weather finally heats up! For a smooth and rich quilted look, they also contain embroidered accents.

With natural fibers that are both hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial, linen bedding is a summertime favorite. Of course, we love a clean, neutral design, but the right color combination can add a little more personality to your space. I hope you found this post helpful when it came to changing your bedding for the warmer months. To see a bigger range of our bedding, go to the natural cotton bedding on our website. Additional layers, such as quilt covers can be obtained on our website.

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