Usually, customers encounter a number of strange words just by moving down the bedding aisle: duvet, comforter, quilt, and pillow sham. It appears that someone needs a thesaurus just to make sure they are purchasing the correct item when they check out.

To understand the distinctions between quilts and comforters set in australia, a thesaurus is required. We have put together at SleepWorld Australia a guide to assist perplexed customers in selecting the proper kind of bedding for their bedroom.

We'll go over the similarities and differences between quilts and comforter set in this guide. The majority of readers ought to be able to identify which one to purchase by the end!


Two identical pieces of fabric are stitched together in a grid pattern to form a comforter set. A sewn-through or baffle box construction is an option for comforters. When the stitching completely penetrates both sides of the comforter, it is said to be sewn-through. Extra pieces of fabric are inserted between the top and bottom layers of the comforter when it is made with a baffle box construction. In a more three-dimensional shape, the fill of the comforter can expand more as a result.

comforter set

There will be some kind of fluffy fill, such as a down or a down substitute, inside each square or box. The down alternative is made of a type of hypoallergenic material, such as polyester, while the real down is derived from like ducks or geese.

Because "comforter" and "duvet" are sometimes used interchangeably, things become complicated. "Duvet" can refer to the cover that goes over a comforter, or it can be another word for "comforter." Check out our comparison for more details on the distinctions between duvets and comforters.


To begin with, what exactly do we mean when we refer to a "quilt"? Three layers make up a quilt: the top layer, the batting, and the bottom layer. The quilt stands out because of its top layer. These patchwork creations can be found lying across a country bed or hanging over a chair, and they can be used to describe going to grandma's house or watching an old movie.

quilt sets

A traditional quilt's top layer is constructed of various fabric scraps that are sewn together in a grid pattern or another intricate pattern. A very basic, monochromatic grid might be present on more contemporary quilts that were created by the machine as opposed to work with hand-woven or craftsmanship.

The fill of the quilt is the inner batting, which can be made of wool, down, or polyester. A single piece of fabric that doesn't resemble the quilt's top layer typically makes up the bottom layer.


When you are in Australia and looking for the perfect bedding material at our online store Sleep World Australia and comparing comforter sets and quilt sets, we would like to tell you one thing which you need to keep in mind there are some similarities between both comforters set and a quilt set. 

  • Both types of bedding are available with cotton top and bottom layers and down or polyester filling. 
  • Both have a grid pattern similar to each other. However, there are a few key distinctions between the comforter set and quilts. 
  • Comforters will typically be loftier than quilts. A flatter type of bedding that lies flusher against the bed is typically a quilt. The best comforters, however, can occasionally be fluffier and like clouds.
  • Since they have more loft and fluff than quilts, comforters ought to be warmer. 
  • The insulation provided by heavy, fluffy down comforters with a baffle box design is superior to that of a thin quilt, especially in this case.
  • Additionally, comforters and quilts can have very different styles. While some contemporary quilts may have a straightforward pattern with a single colour in the top layer, others may have more elaborate, flamboyant designs. 
  • This occurs more frequently when discussing traditional and traditional-style quilts. They may include a patchwork of various hues, graphics, and materials. Typically, comforters only come in one colour and one fabric type.
  • When we talk about their usage, comforter set and quilts have different uses. Comforter sets only for bed, which are used for naps and sleeping. Quilts can be used as tablecloths, or even couch throws in addition to being found on beds.


  • Those who require bedding for colder nights in Australia must go with a comforter set. 
  • As we mentioned earlier, comforter sets are typically warmer than quilts, making them a better choice for those chilly nights and months. 
  • Most sleepers should stay warmer at night thanks to the larger amounts of insulating fill.
  • Those who desire a fluffy, cloud-like experience.
  • A comforter is probably the best option if sleeping beneath a big cloud sound more appealing. 
  • The majority of comforters will be fluffier than most quilts, providing a fluffy sleeping experience.
  • Those who desire a standalone item. A comforter can be used alone, with the exception of a top sheet, while a quilt typically needs to be paired with another piece of bedding to provide adequate warmth. 
  • A comforter is an option for those who prefer a more straightforward, unlayered appearance for their bed.


  • Sleeping hot. A quilt will probably be preferred by those who tend to sleep hot and want something lightweight to provide them with some insulation. 
  • Since quilts are lighter than comforters, they shouldn't cause as much overheating in bed.
  • Those who want to revamp their beds' appearance.
  • Any bed or bedroom can look much different and more stylish with the addition of a quilt.
  • A quilt can give the room a new rustic look or simply something more colourful to make the space livelier.
  • Layers' fans.
  • A quilt should be used in conjunction with other quilts or bedding items to provide adequate warmth. 
  • For those who like to sleep with multiple layers of bedding, this might not be a disadvantage.


The majority of readers should now be well-informed about whether they should select a quilt or comforter set in Australia by visiting SleepWorld Australia. It should be simple to choose if you keep in mind that they both have a lot to offer.