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Fitted Sheets

It's no surprise that we don't all prefer the same things in our most personal areas — our beds. Because we spend a third of our lives in our beds, it's critical to get it correctly. Some of us like our beds to be spotless, with hospital corners and perfectly placed pillows. Others simply toss the quilt cover back in the morning and walk away.

Many of us have likely had disagreements with our partners over how we make our beds. More people disagree over whether or not to use a fitted sheet than on whether or not to add pineapple on pizza. There is no in-between; you must go all-in or all-out. We at SleepWorld have decided to remain neutral in this unwinnable war. As a result, fitted sheets are not included with our Sheet Sets or Bed Sets; however, they are available as an add-on for those of you who can't sleep without one.  

Preferences by locale

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As it turns out, a large number of people all across the world have chosen to skip using a fitted sheet, often called as a top sheet. Over 40% of Americans, according to research, do not use a fitted sheet. We anticipate that Australians have a similar high percentage of fitted-sheet only users based on our clients' purchase history. You may be wondering why.

Unlike much of America, we use quilts or duvets that are protected by a removable and machine-washable Quilt Cover. If the fitted sheets are as important to you as wireless internet, we've got you covered. It's as simple as ticking a box to include it! It creates a barrier between your sweaty body and blanket cover, allowing you to sleep comfortably.

And that has to be a success since no one wants to fight their quilt any longer than necessary. We wanted to give you the opportunity to design the bed of your dreams, no matter which side you're on, pineapple or no pineapple, fitted sheet or no fitted sheet. All that's left now is to choose a color.

The most suitable

Nothing is more irritating than tugging at a too-small fitted sheet or tucking extra fabric under piles of useless fabric and never quite getting things snug. Sheeting accommodates the length and width of our beds, but what about their depth?

Mattresses nowadays range in depth from 7" to 21", demonstrating that there is no "one-size-fits-all" choice, despite the claims of the all-too-common fast-fashion bedding companies springing up. At SleepWorld, we take fits very seriously. It's vital to buy high-quality bedding that not only feels wonderful but also fits well. When ordering fitted sheets, you'll notice that we ask for the depth of your mattress, and this is because we want to make sure you have fitted sheets that fit perfectly.

What time of year is it?

Different sheets are more suited for different seasons. Cotton is an excellent year-round fabric due to its insulating properties, which allow it to provide maximum comfort regardless of the season. Linen is best suited to hotter climates because it contains all of the required components to keep you cool during the summer. They can, however, provide insulation comparable to cotton, making them good all-weather choices. If you don't want to be overloaded with different seasonal sheets, choose a set that is cool in the summer and add warmth in the winter with bedspreads and winter duvets.

What is your current style and appearance?

Finally, but certainly not least, consider the style and patterning of the sheets. Are you designing a fresh look from the ground up or upgrading one that already exists? Will the colors go well with your personal style, or will they clash? Do you want to be able to mix and match everything you desire? Neutral-colored bed sheets work well in practically any setting. You can use them to complement and contrast warm and cool hues, or mix and match them with other neutrals. Black bed sheets, for example, instantly lend refinement when paired with a white quilt cover or bedspread. Any color you use on the same black sheets will stand out, creating eye-catching artwork. White sheets provide a calmer atmosphere by softening more vibrant hues and giving the room a more delicate feel.

Regional preferences: What kinds of bedding do people prefer in different parts of the country?

According to the statistics, when it comes to bedding (sheets and duvets) purchases, 63 percent of customers think the ability to wash at home/cleaning needs is very significant to their selection, followed by softness (57 percent), laundry durability (55 percent), and bedding life (54 percent). Color or pattern is only important to 43% of people.

Appearance: What is the difference in appearance of the bed due to the fitted sheets?

Some people believe that using a fitted bed sheet is unnecessary because it requires more folding and human labor when making the bed. Others regard the fitted sheet to be an important component of the bedding set and are perplexed when it is not included. So, should you use one or not use one? The answer is that it is entirely a matter of personal preference. Leave it out if folding and tucking the corners of a fitted sheet while making your bed is too much trouble, or if having an extra layer of cotton on top of your duvet is making you too hot. If, on the other hand, washing and changing a fitted sheet is easier for you,

At SleepWorld, we have a large selection of sheet sets to choose from. Quality cotton and linen bedding come in a range of styles and colors. Enjoy the calm, rejuvenating sleep you deserve every night by adding a touch of elegance to your sleeping accommodations. So, what exactly are you waiting for? You can shop for the best sheeting in the world here, comfortable in the knowing that you'll get sheeting that feels and fits perfectly. Visit SleepWorld Australia For more information about our product.