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Better-than-basic:  ways to wear a men's henley shirt

The Henley was the first undershirt, and it finally made its way into the mainstream. When you look at it, it resembles a T-shirt version of long-johns or thermal pajamas that you may wear when camping. It's just a tee-shirt with some extra detailing, usually made of cotton (but wool and other blends exist dependent on usefulness). Best henley Australia is characterized by ribbing on the cuffs and hem, as well as a placket on the front. Because of the stylistic features, it looks like a hybrid between a tee shirt and a polo shirt, yet it's neither. Perhaps this is why it has been so popular since its inception. And it's possible that's why Bruce Lee adored it.

A henley shirt isn't simply another brick in the wall when it comes to putting together a wardrobe; it's a pillar that ties everything together. Henley men's shirts are one of our most adaptable pieces, serving as a warm base layer in the winter and a stand-alone shirt in the spring and summer. These enhanced necessities are anything but basic, being super-soft and ultra-comfortable. We have a henley for the base of any outfit.

Just the henley

There's no need to overthink it; henley for men looks excellent with a pair of stretch denim jeans or casual pants on their own. With the help of a henley shirt, even the most basic outfit can be improved. It has the same super-soft comfort as your favorite shirt, but it's more refined and put-together. It's a matter of personal opinion whether you button all three buttons or none at all; either way, you'll look terrific.

With a flannel

Another benefit of the men henley shirts is that it adds a significant layer of warmth without adding bulk. Cold? Simply layer a favorite flannel over your favorite henley tee. You're ready to go with just a pair of jeans. This mix of a super-soft burnout slub henley and a stretch cotton flannel shirt is a no-brainer when comfort is paramount but looking nice and feeling fantastic is still important. Plus, the splash of color is a great way to add some variety while remaining cool and casual.

The Neck

Your henley's neck should never be so tight that it restricts your breathing, but it also shouldn't be so slack that it's deemed a "scoop" neck. The neck section of a well-fitting henley for men should be near in diameter to the width of your neck. Henley men's shirts do feature a placket, so you can button as many or as few buttons as you wish. The number of buttons you have buttoned or unbuttoned is entirely up to you, but we recommend unbuttoning at least one.

Layered up

When the temperature goes below freezing or it's too cold to wear just a flannel, layer up with a lightweight pullover for added warmth and style. We've said it before and we'll say it again: men henley shirts are an excellent base layer for heavier layers. Two is fine, but four is a little too crowded. But what about three? That's how you get good at layering.

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