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Apparel for women

We are Australia's leading authority on premium sustainable corporate fashion. We believe in taking a hands-on approach to translating your brand into attractive apparel that your employees, clients, and partners will enjoy wearing. You may entrust our staff with the design, production, and global fulfillment of your gear to turn your employees into brand ambassadors. 

Fashion in the business that gets people talking

Stop gifting your squad flimsy stuff that ends up in a t-shirt pile. Our designers make beautiful and wearable attire that complements your brand and culture. Our design staff ensures that we build the greatest possible outfits within your budget, whether it's a sophisticated business suit or an outspoken streetwear women's apparel collection. At our panel, we offer shirts, joggers, and hoodies for you to choose from.

Laser-sharp attention to clothing

The promotional items market is notorious for having vast catalogs with just about anything you can slap on. This never made sense to us because your favorite T-shirt is perfectly tailored to your requirements. We want to be the go-to resource for businesses wishing to take their corporate style to the next level. We opted to concentrate on textiles and wearable accessories because we can't be exceptional at everything. Women's line is produced with specific consideration for women's small focus on product details such as colors and designs.

Textile Production in a Sustainable Way

SleepWorld is different from regular merchandise vendors in that we start with a roll of fabric. This means we have complete control over the whole supply chain, from R&D to pattern making to technical design and production, ensuring the highest quality and long-term viability. Our method of operation enables us to provide the maximum level of customization possible at every stage of the manufacturing process.

Wardrobe of yours

Are you tired of the logistical headaches that swag causes for your team? From our virtual fulfillment platform, you can now control all of your company's fashion globally. With the click of a mouse, we warehouse, fulfill, and transport your things all over the world. From a stall at a Berlin exhibition to a remote onboarding package in Australia, we've done it all. You request the shipments from your account and our team executes them. This illustrates that SleepWorld is all that you need.