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When summer arrives, you already know what it's all about beach days with the sand between your toes, bonfires, and barbecues. Even though the summer is a great time to be outside, hot, muggy nights can give some people nightmares. They don't get enough sleep because their bed sheets are too hot to handle. However, with Australian linen, you won't have to worry because it was made to make summer more comfortable and breathable so that you can sleep the entire night peacefully.


When looking for Australian linen, breathability should be the top factor. You'll wake up sweating and panting in bed when you want to be sleeping if your bedding isn't breathable. Selecting the appropriate sheet material is vital in acquiring breathable bed sheets.
Despite being quite popular, silk is not the most breathable material for sheets as silk bedding may seem cold to the touch at first, but as the night wears on, it's likely that the material may retain your body heat and cause you discomfort. Fibers like cotton are to be considered if you want genuinely breathable materials due to their inherent lightness and breathability, as this material is ideal for summertime sleeping. Cotton Australian linen regulates your body temperature and doesn't let you overheat, so you are not all sweaty at night as it keeps you cozy and fantastic all night. Additionally, they are resistant to bacterial development and hypoallergenic, making them the best choice for sensitive skin because they are made of pure organic material.

Summer And Thread Count:

The misconception that sheets with a greater thread count are inevitable of superior quality is widespread. Even if the thread count is very high, it might not be your best choice because manufacturers might intentionally boost it.
Summer sleeping circumstances are less pleasant when using sheets with more significant thread counts (over 400), which are often heavier and less breathable. Be our guest if you want to sweat and suffocate this summer while sleeping in your pricey high thread count sheets. So getting one with extra thread count for summer sleeping is a terrible idea. Make sure to get think not thick and lightweight bed sheets for your summer sleep so that you can have an excellent breathable night to yourself.

No More Sweaty Nights:

We all had the day when we had a sweaty night because of our hot bed sheets, particularly in the summer when it is very hot. It is nothing to be embarrassed about, and it should not interfere with your ability to sleep. Cotton Australian linen can absorb Sweat and dry it without any notice with the ability of quick drying. Australian linen will make your summertime sleep issue like they were never here. Cotton has a soft, smooth texture that feels welcoming. This suppleness is essential for a restful and pleasant sleep throughout the night. Cotton is also well renowned for being hypoallergenic, which means there is a minimal risk it will cause any skin issues making cotton appropriate for all skin types. In the sweltering heat and humidity, nothing compares to cotton bed sheets. All cotton products, including fitted sheets, bedcovers and pillow coverings, are exceptionally light and airy. Because they are breathable and don't cause a trapped sensation like other materials, they are ideal for summer.

Easy To Care For And Durable:

Cotton bed sheets are a fantastic comfort since they are simple to care for and require very little upkeep. There is no requirement for fancy powders, including high-end fabric softeners or detergents. Just a light detergent and maybe a little white vinegar will do. You only need to run a quick machine wash at 30 to 45 degrees to be ready to go.

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The need to replace most materials arises from their rapid deterioration, but bedding made of cotton-like fitted bed sheets, flat sheets, pillowcases, bed covers, and other bedding made of 100 per cent cotton have long, the last durability as compared to other synthetic materials, so buy cotton bed sheets if you want to avoid the effort of changing them frequently as long lifespan of cotton bed sheets will help you save money.


Why are cotton bed sheets more durable?

Because they are made of pure material, they get softer with a wash.

Are cotton bed sheets expensive?

No, they are not expensive compared to silk and other synthetic fabrics; they are cheaper and budget-friendly.

The Australian linen are they available in different sizes?

Yes, they are available in all sizes.

Do they come in more colours or just primary colours?

These bed sheets come in many beautiful colours that you can choose and decorate your bed accordingly.
Are these sheets easy to care for?
Yes, they are easy to care for, machine washable and easy dry.
Get your favourite summer Australian linen from SleepWorld and sleep more freshly with more air and comfort.