Snugging Into the Best Doona Covers from SleepWorld

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We all want to snuggle into a warm, comfortable bed when winter arrives and it's time for bed. It's crucial to select bedding that will make you feel comfortable and snug throughout the winter months. This is why having the ideal blanket covers is essential in the winter. It is created to keep the body warm and enable you to sleep without worrying. Everyone wants to hibernate during the winter months. It's perfectly normal to want to catch up on sleep as much and as long as necessary. Winter might be harsher than it already is. If there isn't a warm bed to get into, you deserve a set that will alter your quilt as a treat for yourself, and it won't just provide you style; it'll also deliver you cosiness and comfort.

Quilt Cover:

When you hear the term "quilt," you might be brought back to your grandmother's enormous, lengthy patchwork bed cover. Perhaps family treasures and beloved hues are on your mind. A quilt or doona is the top element of your bed set, providing protection and aesthetics. A quilt covers or doona covers are a covering for your quilt. It serves as the top element of your bed set, as well as providing protection and aesthetics. A quilt cover and matching pillowcases are often sold as a pair. Most frequently, in a set of quilt covers, the quilt and matching pillowcases are sold as a pair.

Importance of Quilt Covers:

Can we sleep in our quilt without the quilt covers?

The answer to this question, if we see it technically, would be yes because the moment you buy a quilt, it is ready to use and doesn't need to be covered in any way, but using a cover is strongly advised for several reasons. Experts also agree that a top sheet should be used.

Protecting your quilt is the first and most crucial reason you need a cover. We all perspire as we sleep, and while this perspiration usually doesn't amount to much, over time, it can build up and soak into the blanket. Its lifespan will be shortened, and a haven for different types of germs will be created.
Applying the same rationale, you shouldn't use your doona or quilt as a mattress if it doesn't have a sheet covering it. You may be confident that no sweat or dirt will get on your pricey quilt when the cover is on. Additionally, doona covers are considerably simpler to launder than a doona or quilt.
The other justification has to do with beauty. There are various colours, designs, and kinds of doona covers available. With the appropriate doona covers set, you can turn your bedroom into a serene retreat and turn your bed into a standout piece of furniture.

Doona Covers Design:

When selecting your new doona covers, considerations other than visual appeal are important. The proper size for your bed for doona is essential, and also make sure the design complements bedroom decor, including any furniture, throws, or pillows. Still, there is much more to designing your doona covers set. Therefore, whether it's a straightforward single-piece quilt cover or an intricate, convoluted weave, the brand, materials, and many other aspects determine the price. For instance, an antique quilt cover would cost differently than a waffle quilt cover. Our designs at SleepWorld are famous for being timeless, beautiful, and uncomplicated.

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As we have long held the belief that simplicity is the purest expression of beauty, our SleepWorld bedding shop tries to avoid bright colours you typically find from less expensive manufacturers, which gives your bedroom a bad taste when considering a sample doona covers we believe in beauty with a luxury touch that enhances the beauty of the bedroom.


Various fabrics, notably cotton and cotton mixes, flannel, synthetic materials, and even opulent silk, are used to make doona covers along with pricing; the qualities of the materials, such as how simple they are to clean, will also vary, and in the hot weather you might wish to try anything lighter for summer as thicker quilt cover sets will increase the heat retention of the quilt or doona during winter.
If you let your pets sleep on the bed, you might also wish to avoid delicate textiles like silk or satin. Cotton quilt covers are one of the greatest to use if you prefer to have your dogs on the bed. Additionally, it's crucial to consider your skin type. If you have delicate skin, choose breathable natural fibers like cotton or microfiber if you are not allergic to them. A variety of quilt cover sets are available in SleepWorld that are created from natural fibers and either 100% Cotton or a Linen/Cotton blend.


Why is cover necessary?

It keeps your quilt neat and tidy from dust, stains or any kind of germs or bacteria.

Doona covers easy to wash?

Yes, machine washable, very easy to wash.

Are they durable?


Do they come in different sizes?

Yes, single, double, queen and king.

From SleepWorld, buy your favourite Quilt covers and protect your bedding from all the unwanted bacteria and sleep all night comfortably.