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What is the most effective approach to style and dress a bed? We're constantly rushed in the mornings, so perfecting our bed styling isn't high on our priority list. However, knowing the most common bed dressing tips, such as how to arrange throws, pillows, and other bed accessories, would make our lives easier (and our bed-making attempts more successful). It's a good thing we've prepared some tips on how to style your bed like a pro, as well as some basic advice on how to make your bed appear really beautiful and, of course, Instagrammable.

Take note of the following tips for transforming your bed from drab to fab:
Reversible duvet covers and combining prints are two contemporary bedding trends. When the top of the duvet cover is rolled down, it not only provides two alternatives for the primary pattern on display – you can change the look on a daily basis – but it also adds a terrific additional feature to a bed. Throws are still a terrific way to dress up a bed, but make sure they're not folded too neatly along the bottom. Throws should now be draped over the bed's corner in a more relaxed manner. A bedspread can not only add a splash of color to the room's focal point, but it can also help to define the space (the bed).

Choose a dramatic design that makes the bed the center point, then build the rest of the theme around it. Botanical-themed bedding, for example, can be paired with lush green plants and deep-colored walls. When it comes to bedding, you get what you pay for, both in terms of the duvet and pillow coverings and the filled bedding. Choose the most luxurious bedding you can afford; it will not only look great but will also hold up to repeated washings. Before dressing the bed, give pillows and duvets a thorough shake to equal out the filling and restore its plumpness. Our quilt covers collection on our website will help you add this texture to your bedroom.