Spring arrives!

Spring arrives! - SWA

Arcacia Reversible Cotton Quilt Cover Set by Fieldcrest

Spring is on its way! As the temperature rises, it's time to renew your bedroom to avoid overheating. Furthermore, bringing Spring into your room will make you feel more calm and at ease while chilling the atmosphere. Play with colors, light, and accessories to transform your rooms into a cool Spring paradise that will bring sparkle, brightness, and breeze to your bedroom. Check out these simple decorating ideas to infuse your home with new life!

1. The Bed

Put aside flannel and thick linens and covers as the first step in updating your bed for Spring. Light bed linens like quilt cover, preferably made of 100 percent cotton, are ideal for spring. Tissues composed of synthetic fibers should be avoided since, unlike cotton, they tend to trap heat. Cotton is a natural fiber that is hypoallergenic and wicks away heat. Cotton bedding are essential for keeping cool on warm Spring nights.

2. Spring colors

During the Spring season, blue, green, yellow, orange, and white are popular color selections. Pure and bright colors will lift you up while providing a refreshing mood to combat the scorching Spring nights. Avoid heavy patterns and stick to solid, bright, and uplifting colors.

3. Accessories

During the spring, attempt to get rid of any bulky winter accessories that aren't necessary. Remove clutter from your bedroom with fashionable storage options, or just replace it with two or three Spring-inspired décor pieces. Bringing in flowers or bamboo plants is a nice idea. Also, dark ornamental objects can be replaced with crystal or glass bowls filled with conches and shells, which will definitely bring light and a Spring wind within!

4. Light

To give your room a clean and neat appearance, you'll need plenty of light. To allow Spring sunshine to enter through the windows, dark curtains might be replaced with sheer drapes. You can also add more light by switching out paintings for mirrors. However, make certain that both the windows and the mirrors are spotless!