Colors! Patterns! Design! Oh My!

Colors! Patterns! Design! Oh My! - SWA

quilt cover set

The most fun part about picking your bedding is picking well, all of the above! Your bed is the focal point of your room and as a result, getting a new bedding accessory becomes the new foundation piece for your room design.

Light colors are always appreciated because they make the room look and feel a lot bigger. However, light colors also show more dirt and stains. If you’re thinking right now that you don’t get in your bed dirty, think about the damage that a smudge of mascara can do to your pillow. With that in mind, a dark bedding cover may be better option for your lifestyle. If you’re torn between a light and dark colored cover, get both and swap them out seasonally.

When choosing your quilt cover set aesthetic, it’s also important to consider your sheets and how you make your bed. If you fold your top sheet over your cover, do you want there to be a subtle contrast, a loud color pop or a perfectly matching combination?

If you just pull the whole cover up and hide your sheets, the only thing that you really need to think about is how to match (or not match) your pillows and throws. If you have a loud throw pillow or blanket  on your bed, it may be best to stick with a subtle cover, or vice versa.

The most important tip to buying a bedding cover is not to take the hunt so seriously. Your bedding cover can be your room design staple for months or get swapped out every other month for a new look.