If Your Body Is Temple Then Your Bed Is Sanctuary

If Your Body Is Temple Then Your Bed Is Sanctuary - SWA

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We’ve all seen the movies were the hero kicks off their shoes and starfishes down into a big, cloud-like bed, and we’ve all had envy of that moment of complete bliss. Here’s the secret: a truly comfy bed has to look the part. You eat with your eyes first, right? Up your bed game with our ultimate quilt cover guide.

The first thing to figure out is also the easiest thing to figure out, and that’s what size bedding you need. Luckily bed/sheet/quilt sizing is pretty standardized. Match your bed size to your sheet size and voila, you know what size bedding cover you need.

The next thing to consider is how your bedding opens, and how easy it will be to put your comforter back inside it. If you sleep with a top sheet, you won’t have to wash your cover as often as those who sleep euro-style, or without a top sheet. But whichever your bed-making preference, you’ll still have to wash your cover (regularly), and choosing a cover that’s easy to fit a comforter inside is a plus. Zippers and snaps tend to be the easiest closures to work with, while buttons tend to be more of a struggle.

Choosing a material for your duvet cover is also important. However, if you have warm enough blankets and a warm enough comforter, your cover material isn’t a make or break (unless you live somewhere really, really cold). Still, it can be fun to swap out your duvet covers with the seasons, even if the material isn’t changing and just the colors are which brings us to the next point.

If you’re after something a little cooler, we now have the highly anticipated Mosaic Duvet sets in either Navy or Teal, both sets feature a bold and modern shard design in a muted gold tone over the rich base color!

What better way to wake up in the morning that by surrounded by new, colorful bedding! With what feels like the longest Winter of all time over, Summer is finally here and at Sleep World Company we’re ready to freshen up our spaces with a new look for the warmer seasons. See some of our current favorite colorful bedding combinations below, head over to our website for variety of designs and colors and get what you want.