Easy Bedding Style Ideas for your Home

Easy Bedding Style Ideas for your Home - SWA



Because your bed is the center point of your room, selecting the correct bedding to adorn it should be a deliberate decision. If your bedding doesn't match the rest of the room's decor, the peaceful balance you need in a room where you'll spend the majority of your time sleeping will be disrupted. Let's have a look at some quick and easy bedding style ideas for your home bedroom with that in mind.


The saying ‘you get what you pay for’ is absolutely true when it comes to bedding. If you really want a bed that’s going to look great for a good while and is always going to be a joy to sleep in, it’s worth investing a little more money in ensuring you’re getting the best bedding you can afford. That isn't to say you have to get Egyptian cotton bedding all of the time; merely buying 100 percent cotton bedding can suffice. Just make sure it will survive normal wear and tear so you won't have to replace it very soon.


Before you buy something, as with anything else, make sure you do some research to guarantee you're getting your money's worth. This entails reading reviews. finding out what the bedding is made of and even asking your friends and family for recommendations of what to buy. Even in the Internet age, word of mouth is still one of the most reliable indicators for quality.

 Adding layers to your bed instead of leaving it simple is the key to giving it a bit more of a wow effect. We've already discussed how a colorful throw can brighten up white bedding, but make sure you cover the bottom of the bed in a way that is more relaxed than official. Cushions are also a nice option, as they allow you to add small pops of color to your otherwise plain bedding. Play with colors and patterns or go for neutral and calm looking textures. Obviously, you don’t want to be going out and spending money on something that you then realize doesn’t look the way you envisioned, so be sure to have a browse around different home décor websites or pop over to Pinterest for an endless array of inspiring ideas.

You can also experiment by folding your duvet in half and pulling the top part back into thirds. There are a million one patterns to choose from but try not to go too over the top. After all, you want to walk into a bedroom that makes you want to jump straight in bed, not a bedroom that is an instant assault on the eyes.

Earthy brown and grey tones can be mixed with yellows and oranges. For a fresh and clean look, you can try botanical silhouette print duvet covers, while bright palette impressionist patterns simply ooze energy. Wide blue stripes are a good shout if you want to go for a nautical theme, which is always a refreshing bedroom design choice to wake up to.

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