Good bedding is an investment

Good bedding is an investment - SWA

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Good bedding is an investment. We spend a third of our lives sleeping, and yet we often put less thought into our bed sheets than things we might only use sparingly. A good night’s sleep is paramount to good physical and psychological health. The right bed sheets will make sleep more comfortable, more relaxing, and ultimately, more healing.

Of course, this is easier said than done. With so many styles, fabrics, and thread counts to choose from, it can be easy to be inundated with information. That’s why we’ve put together this quick guide, along with a few helpful suggestions to guide you along the way. Thread count measures the number of threads per square inch of fabric. There is, generally, a relationship between the thread count and the comfort of the sheet. 

The lower the thread count, the less soft it will be. In fact, around 150 or so the fabric can even be quite scratchy and irritable. Luckily, it is very uncommon to find sheets with such a low thread count. It can be easy to assume then that going as high as possible will provide the best results. After all, the higher the thread counts the softer the fabric. 

A less ambiguous method of determining feel and quality is the material the fabric is made out of. Of course there will be some creative marketing to be aware of, so always thoroughly check to see what the actual composition of the fabric is. This may be well hidden in the packaging or item description. As the above hints, different sheets are better suited for different seasons. Cotton is an ideal perennial fabric, as its insulating properties make it provide maximum comfort whatever the season. Linen is best suited for warmer climates, combining all the elements needed to get you through humid summers in comfort. However, like cotton, they can also provide a level of insulation that makes them great all-weather choices. Silk is simply not ideal in hot climates, despite its obvious stylistic appeal. Consider them as a seasonal addition to bring out in the cooler months for warmth and a switch in style. If you don’t want to overburden yourself with different seasonal sheets, choose a set that’s cool in summer, and add warmth in winter through bedspreads and winter duvets.

Last — but certainly not least — is to consider the style and patterning of the sheets. Are you building a new look from the ground up, or are you adding to what you already have? Will the colors contrast, complement, or simply clash with your style?  Do you want the flexibility to mix and match as you please?
Neutral colored bed sheets are ideal for just about every purpose. You can match them with other neutral colors, or use them to complement and contrast warm or cool colors.

Black bed sheets, for example, will create instant class paired with a white quilt cover or bedspread. Those same black sheets will make any color you place on them truly pop, creating eye-catching designs. Or maybe you prefer cooler, more relaxed styles. White bed sheets provide the perfect background to create a calmer mood, subduing more vibrant colors and creating a more subtle feel to the space.