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Choosing the ideal bedding for a restful night's sleep can be challenging due to the numerous alternatives available in terms of material, thread count, style, and weight. Let's discuss our risk-free alternative organic Cotton, though, before you go out and purchase your bedding in any new kind of materials for your bedding. This natural organic fabric is the best and smartest option for your bedding, whether for sheets, doona covers, or comforters. Pure organic Cotton is naturally antimicrobial and regulates body temperature while you sleep, ensuring a delightful and cozy sleep all night. It is silky and smooth as well.

Organic Cotton:

Organic Cotton is grown organically without using artificial agricultural agents like fertilizers, pesticides, or transgenic technologies. As you may have observed, environmental concerns have increased steadily among individuals in recent years. Because of this, producers have started adopting sustainable and eco-friendly products like eco-fashion or sustainable fashion. They are already a big thing in 2022 because of organic fabric materials. For example, a queen doona cover made of bamboo cotton is very sustainable when it comes to Cotton because bamboo is one of the plants with the highest rate of growth, and bamboo is widely available. Within a year, harvested bamboo crops can regenerate. Bamboo has the added benefit of being inherently pest-resistant, eliminating the need for pesticides.


queen doona cover

Benefits of Organic Cotton Doona Cover:

We recommend you go for pure organic Cotton when you want to buy your doona cover because, as the name suggests, it’s one of the best and natural, with many benefits for your skin and comfortable sleep. These covers come in Single, double, king and most popular queen doona cover sizes. 

Following are the many advantages of having your favourite king and queen doona cover in organic Cotton:

  • Environment friendly:

Because of the natural material used when making your favourite king and queen doona cover, they are very environmentally friendly as there are no chemicals or synthetic materials involved that would affect our planet.

  • Colour retention:

Because the organic cloth isn't colour-fast, it keeps its colour better than non-organic fabrics, so your colour won’t fade very quickly like other unnatural fabrics.

  • Best for sensitive skin:

Hypoallergenic chemicals aren't retained in organic fabric, which is perfect for those with sensitive skin. 

  • All year round:

It is perfect for all seasons because the organic fabric is breathable, light absorbent, and reflective; it may be used to make clothing that can be worn in all weather conditions.

  • Simple Care:

 Machine washing with cold or moderate water is an option for most organic materials.

  • Less expensive:

Compared to other materials like silk and microfiber, your amazing Single, double, king or queen size doona cover is way less expensive.

More Organic Fabrics:

Cocona Fabric:

It's a fabric made from coconut fiber that uses less energy, water, and non-edible coconut.

Typically, producers blend waste materials from the food and water filtering industries—volcanic sands and coconut shells. Longevity, wrinkle resistance, odour management, fast drying, and sun protection are some of the main qualities of cocoa. As a result, it's primarily utilized to make sportswear or as a substitute for spandex, nylon, and polyester.


One of the simplest plants to produce organically is hemp because it doesn't need pesticides or fertilizers to grow. Additionally, it has the power to keep pests away and feed the soil with minerals. Furthermore, it uses less water than Cotton does. Sun-protective, antimicrobial, UV-resistant, moisture-absorbing, and water-retention qualities are all present in the created biodegradable cloth. Durability and suppleness are two more noteworthy qualities of hemp cloth.

Additionally, it keeps getting softer even after being washed, and because of all of those factors, hemp fabric may be used to create summer clothing for people of all ages. Hemp is also used to make upholstery, rugs, carpets, curtains, and towels, and thought should be given to the fact that organic hemp cloth is readily wrinkly. Additionally, it's frequently mixed with other organic materials, which impacts its colour fastness.


Since jute is one of the most economical natural textiles, it's a popular response when you ask most experts, "What is organic fabric type?" because of how the plant where it is made grows; it is also one of the greenest products. It can live with rainfall and doesn't require pesticides or fertilizers like hemp. The stem of the best plant is used to produce jute, also known as golden fiber, which is strong, supple, cozy, biodegradable, and recyclable. Like hemp cloth, it is typically mixed with other organic fibers.


Why are eco-friendly products essential?

Because we are responsible for our planet and have to take care of it, using eco-friendly products will help our world be safe.

What is the most popular size for doona covers?

Queen doona cover is most popular along with the king.

Are these doona covers durable?

Yes, they are durable.

Do their colours fade quickly?

No, the organic fabric doesn’t get faded quickly.

Are they easy to wash?


From SleepWorld, buy your favourite king and queen doona cover in top-notch quality at a very low price.