Choosing the white quilt cover set for your bed

white quilt cover

A quilt cover comprises more than just colours and designs, which you might not be aware of. You're most likely only thinking about the colour or hip design when you're seeking a new quilt or its cover; perhaps, you're searching for a new bed set or want to update your bedroom. We will discuss and provide you with information on the characteristics you should consider while looking for a quilt cover.

Quilt covers with button or zip:

You must first choose whether or not you want quilt coverings with buttons or zippers, and do the two vary from one another?

While it is simple and quick to zip its cover shut, that is the extent of the benefits of zip but here is why we adore button instead of zip.

  • Suppose your zipper breaks or gets trapped. Zips may be expensive to repair or replace, and for a quilt cover, it nearly isn't worth it.
  • Although it might take longer to button anything, it will always function. Compared to zippers, a missing or damaged button is simple to fix.


A high-quality white quilt colour set can catch dust, dirt and stains and are expensive, so you should safeguard your investment; for that, you want a dependable and strong white quilt cover as it will match your quilt.

How is a quilt cover made to be sturdy:

Some claim that a high thread count per square inch is a sign of quality. A cover is tougher and softer the higher the thread count. But sometimes, especially if you're looking for organic covers for your quilt, that's not the case; due to the utilization of natural fibers, the organic white quilt cover from SleepWorld is incredibly sturdy and long-lasting, and in the end, the result has a plush, silky feel that keeps you warm all night.

Checking corner ties:

Have you noticed that your quilt has loops or clips in each corner? 

This is so that your quilt cover can securely clip into place so; that whenever you are buying your quilt cover, be it a black or white quilt cover make sure to check the ties if they fit perfectly.

Extra warm:

Certain people believe that the thickness of bed sheets or pillowcases indicates the material's quality, and in some situations, they are right. But with quilt cover sets, thickness isn't the only factor. Although a product with a greater thread count may be thicker, going beyond will make it too wide for comfort at the start. They may seem soft, but they won't work well if you're dripping with sweat excessively in the middle of the night.

white quilt set

Should breathability be sacrificed for thread count? 

Airflow and thread count are balanced in SleepWorld quilt Covers, so get your favourite colour covers like beige, charcoal or white quilt cover for an amazing sleeping experience.

Easy machine wash:

Your covers must be machine washable, whether you're sleeping under a king-size duvet or a single size. Any quilt cover that cannot be machine washed will cause you additional labour and aggravation on washing day. You may cut costs in addition to saving time by machine washing your quilt coverings. Machine washable covers are the sensible option because who wants to spend money and time on the cleaners. White quilt cover can easily catch stains, so buy your favourite machine washable quilt cover from SleepWorld and forget about the cleaners and extra load of money for that.


While we sleep, even though we are frequently still, our skin and hair shed follicles and exude oils that, when allowed to accumulate, have a unique aroma. The same is true with dried perspiration, particularly during hot summer evenings and for people with sensitive skin, this might be pretty irritating. You should choose one that is odour-resistant to prevent your bedroom from smelling, and also, you should often replace your bed sheets and quilt coverings.


Why are machine washable quilts preferred?

Because of the ease of cleaning and maintaining them, you don't have to spend extra money and time to take them to the cleaners.

Why are covers necessary?

Because they protect your bedding from unwanted dirt, dust and germs etc.

Are these quilt covers long-lasting?

Yes, they are long-lasting, and if they are used according to the label instruction when cleaning, they will be more durable than your average quilt covers.


What are the sizes available for quilt covers?

They come in 4 sizes

  • Single
  • Double 
  • Queen 
  • King.

Are there different designs and colours available to purchase for quilt covers?

Yes, they are available in many designs and lots of colours to choose from.

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