Say Goodbye to tangling in the bed with fitted sheets

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In addition to how you settle down for the night and whether you have trouble falling asleep despite your best attempts to change your regular bedtime routine, other variables can also impact your sleep quality. More than that, the quality of your catnaps can be affected by the form, fit, and fabric of your bed sheets. Are you looking for reasonably priced linens that perfectly fit your mattress? Everyone longs for the elusive ideal sleep. However, unanticipatedly find ourselves battling with the bedding or being entangled in our covers. Fitted sheets are available to assist. They're a fantastic innovation that keeps your mattress nice and crisp.

Fitted Sheets:

A fitted sheet is a gorgeous bed sheet shaped like a rectangle or square, to put it simply. The depth of the fitted sheets' pockets can vary based on the objects' size. Fitted sheets have elastic sewn into them at corners or all around. When it completely encircles the base of the sheet, the phrase "shower cap design" is used.

jersey fitted sheets

The fitted sheet covers the mattress to give it a smooth and lovely appearance. It is essential to measure your mattress before purchasing to determine the perfect pocket size for you, making sure your mattress is covered with a snug and ideal sheet. Fitted sheets often are the last sheet on your bed and the one your body touches. That is why when you sleep on them. You have a comfortable sleep as they are wrinkle-free, untangled, and way more comfortable than any standard sheets.

Bedsheets and Fitted Sheets Difference:


  • A rectangular piece of cloth is referred to as a bed sheet when folded around the mattress. As the name implies
  • Bed sheets are quicker to remove and more straightforward to get folded and iron, but it takes some work and is more challenging to have the bed sheet on the mattress.

Fitted Sheets:

  • Fitted sheets are simpler to attach to your mattress and fit more snugly.
  • Fitted sheets feature an elastic band around the border to make it simpler to draw them onto the mattress.

Changing Your Bedsheets:

The bed's clean, tidy, fitted sheets will help us sleep well all night long. How frequently we should replace our fit is a crucial subject that affects all of our bedding, including our cushions and duvet coverings. This should generally be carried out every two weeks. Since our bodies sweat more when we go to bed in the summertime, you could even replace them every week because in the summertime we sweat a lot and its very hot so changing them every week or more is better even though the dirt isn't visible to the unaided eye, our bedding likely contains bacteria and germs. These draw dust mites, whose response may result in allergy and skin problems.

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Material For Fitted Sheets:

Fitted sheets online are available in both organic and artificial textiles on the market. Choosing the appropriate one might be challenging, but you must always consider your surroundings when choosing any bedding fabric.

Let's examine the typical Fitted sheet materials that are readily and widely available in the market:

  • Cotton:

Since cotton is one of the best textiles available, it is the material of choice for most mattress producers. It is calming, mild, organic, and friendly to the skin. Egyptian, Pima, and other cotton varieties are among the many available.

  • Linen:

Despite not being as pricey as silk, linen is nevertheless expensive due to its high worth for durability and strength. Linen is pleasant to the touch and feels kind to the skin. It has good absorbency and is cool and breathable.

  • Microfiber:

The synthetic fabric known as microfiber, commonly mixed with different materials to add softness, has increased in popularity due to its low cost. Microfiber fitted sheets are solid and easy to maintain.

  • Silk

Silk bed linens are spectacular because of their silky feel. Silk fitted sheets are ideal for cold weather because they effectively retain heat. However, washing and maintaining silk bedding may be pricey.

Skin Sensitivity:

To achieve softness and texture, many additional synthetic textiles have evolved and been combined with natural materials. These fabrics may seem cozy and soft, but they are a disaster for anyone with skin sensitivities. Choose a natural fabric, like cotton or linen; if you have sensitive skin, this fabric is made of pure material, has no synthetic fabric involved, and is suitable for people with allergy issues.


Can we use cotton for the summer?

Yes, cotton is suitable for summer as it is very breathable.

Is silk suitable for winters?



Can we buy fitted sheets online? 

Yes, you can buy them from SleepWorld in a variety of colours.

Why are fitted sheets popular?

Because of its perfect fit and no tangling in the bed.

Fitted sheets online are available at SleepWorld's bedding shop to give you comfortable sleep without any tangle of the sheets.